At Alpha Propane, your safety is our priority!

You will find that safety is our highest priority at all levels of service.  Our technicians, drivers & dock employees are National Propane Gas Association CTEP Trained for their jobs. 

Our technicians will educate you about what’s under the hood of your propane tank, in addition to showing you how to shut-off your gas supply safely, should it be necessary.  We will teach you to read the gauge on your tank.  Then you will always know how much gas is remaining.  We offer a “Route Monitoring Service” which is automatic delivery, so that you avoid running out of propane, if you would prefer to not check your tank.  This is especially useful for you in the winter months when it can be dangerous to run out.








If you smell gas…

DO NOT:     

  • Attempt to locate leak
  • Strike a match or lighter
  • Use ANY open flame
  • Turn lights or other electrical switches “on” or “off” 


  • Get out of the house
  • Leave a door open
  • Shut off your propane tank
  • Call Alpha Propane from a safe distance
  • Do Not return until it is safe to do so.

Below are links to industry-related websites and documents that contain useful and relevant information. We also invite you to contact our customer service representatives with any questions you may have.


National Propane Gas Association
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